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You want to study English, and you don’t have time

  • October 26, 2016
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Good Grammar Day to you!

Today you want to study English, and you don’t have time.

What should you do?

I’m so delighted to know that you read this article! Yes, I have got something new to share with you. No, this is not a secret, though most of us forgot the information I want to tell you.

Timetable, schedule, agenda, plan, to do lists… What else?

I’m sorry I’m busy, and I have got no time to read a book on how to manage my time! Even if this book has only 15 pages! Don’t talk to me!

Have you ever said or thought the similar texts? “I got no time,” “I’m a teacher, and you know, teachers don’t have spare time,” “I’m busy, and this means that I’m a big guy at my enterprise.”

Please, don’t get angry or sad because of this. I felt the same before. Now something’s changed, and I’m willing to share my experience with you. Yes, with you, as I’m talking to you right now!

The first and the main point: hey guy, this is your life! Yes, that’s a strange point.

Listen, this is your life, you live it. You can have lots of credits, actives, passives or anything connected to your money in a bank or under a sofa. You can’t have any time credits. As soon as you check and double check this information with your banker, get back to reading.

YOU have YOUR lifetime.

The next point: what would you like to do with your life? Compare it with what you’re doing now.

Again, I beg you: don’t get sad, get motivated by the fact that you’ve heard it today and not on the last day of your life. Each action is your choice in each second of your life.

For example, you’d like to be healthy. Great desire! You start to make the right decisions! Next, you go to the fast-food restaurant and eat some tasty snacks. Me too, I adore burgers, the biggest and the fattest ones! Mmm, yummy!

And here we are: we made our choice. Though it was tasty, we didn’t approach our healthy behavior today.

Can you see? Usually, that is you who make a choice.

The further is easy. Really.

Set your mind on your goals and start your road!

Think about your plans for the next day, week, month, year. What you should do, have to do, and want to do. Somewhere in this schedule will be your days off and holidays.

Okay, we got it: our work to do and our vacation projects.

Besides my respect and your list, you have got your new life schedule. After this point, it’s up to you to input some of your plans and goals to your timetable.

Now we know that your workload is not as fulfilled as we thought before. Today we can make a different choice and spend 10 minutes of our lunchtime to learn some new words. That’s the easiest and the most simple work that we can do.

Go ahead and don’t be afraid to lose your time in the queue to the coffee shop: you’re going to study there.

Good luck!

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