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Hello, my name is Mila.

I am 22, but already a creative and skilled teacher. I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics and more than six years of teaching experience.

What is true, I am keen on both learning and teaching languages (already speak and teach five languages and learning the sixth one).

I think that any learning process should be easy and fun: during my classes you will not be bored, but you will learn fast. To check that we achieve good results with my students we go to the cinema and theatre to listen to a new language they learn. After some studies we go abroad to practice what we have learned. What I like the most is when my students feel comfortable in a foreign country.

Yes, of course, this English teaching blog is also created for all of my students who ask crazy questions.  

So, don’t be shy, ask questions, make me find the best answers for you!


It’s all about grammar!

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