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English for Beginners: Lesson 1 – Is Present as Simple as it Sounds?

  • March 23, 2021
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Today we are going to learn present simple – the present tense. We use this tense to talk about everything that is happening now around us or concerning us, and to describe things in general. For example, “The sun rises,” and “I like buns.” One of my students asked me to explain clearly what the present simple tense is and why it is indefinite. Though it is indefinite, the present tense is simple.

So, let’s look through the examples below:



(?) Question:
Do you know my friend?” or, “Do you know my friend’s name?”
() Negative:
“No, you don’t know (or you do not know) my friend. His name is Bill.”
(?) Question:
Do you want an ice cream?”
A waiter may ask:
Do you want a chocolate ice cream or a fruit ice cream?”

If we continue on the same theme, the customer may go to another shop and say:

() Negative: “I don’t want (I do not want) any ice cream! I want some chocolate, some fruits in sugar, and I want a kilogram of sorbet!”

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