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How to give an English lesson?

  • October 27, 2016
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Good English Teacher Day!

Happy first teaching experience!

Have you decided to change something in your teaching? Do you know already how to give an English lesson?

You are a teacher, a professional one. The warm up, work in groups, etc. has to be there! I agree with your point of view, and I consider yours one as the most effective.

Get ready!

So what should be adjusted?

The first that you change is your attitude. You should take a breath and not be worried too much.

Yeah, you might have been afraid of the wrong time or student mood, but now you know that it won’t give the same impact as your attitude does.

In one old book for the newly formed young and scared teachers I’ve read the following piece of advice: get ready for everything possible and wait for the impossible.

When you enter your classroom, there’s no exit from there for you (Boo!), and you should have everything you need for your class at arm’s end. Set ten alarms and please please please take the complete information with you!

Come to the lesson the first. Be always ready and forward looking. Have you double checked the Internet connection in the classroom? What about today? I think that it poured yesterday, what if something is broken?

You should get acquainted with your learning material as you’ll use them during your lesson.

Find two or three jokes on the Internet to make your students laugh and relax. There are some cases when only good laugh saves the scenery, you know!

Be calm, be friendly and ready to listen, laugh, understand.

P.S. Don’t forget to look in the mirror every day: yes, you look great. Are your socks of the same color?

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