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Relax with New Comic Strips

  • October 13, 2016
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Good Anglish (English) Humor Day to you!

I hope that you’ve had enough time to miss the best language humor with malapropisms by Mike Franklin!

So, let’s go further and study his new story with the new comic strip!

As usual, I write the starting phrases from which you’ll be able to guess the writing and spelling of the correct ones. Enjoy!

new bed for everyone

  1. Let her from the sails man anger of the plaice wear wee for the knew mat tress. He is offer ring a warren tee. A nice jest your. Plea sing four us.
  2. Sir ten leigh. We can re tyre, re lax, and wrest up on it four ours when wee like. It is four us, hour chilled wren and pets.

Oh, that’s amazing! From the first eyesight, the mattress seems to be convenient for four people plus their children, and pets! I don’t know what should its size be, but let’s find out what these people are talking about.

Relax, sit down in your favorite armchair and listen to your voice. Pronounce each phrase and word combination carefully:

  1. Let her or Letter?
  2. Sails man or Salesman?
  3. Maybe Sailes Man Ager as Sales Manager?
  4. A nice jest your or a nice gesture?

Aren’t all of these phrases easy?

Again we turned to the English Comic Strips to remember the particular way of learning everything by creating different associations with the notions and words in your head.

You think about the word “chocolate,” and you have at once the picture of your favorite kind of white/milk/dark chocolate bar.

Next, you think about the word “physics,” and you remember your school teacher who said, “Everyone stop him, or we’ll explode because of this physical effect!” At once, you recall the material you’ve studied during that class, and you can retrieve the formula that made the teacher afraid.

Now, you can see how to learn new words and remember them very quickly! Go ahead and try these small words: learn them by heart and enjoy this new (for someone already old) method!

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