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UNcountable exercises

  • August 2, 2016
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Good morning/afternoon/evening! I hope that you sleep at night, and don’t study.

We’ve discussed the subject of countable and uncountable. We have also learned the names of the groups for most kinds of animals!

It’s high time to do the exercises. Repetitio est mater studiorum. We should revise what we’ve learned, and repeat the exercises to train our English speaking skills.

You know, people invited the language once to say something important to someone.

What I mean is we have to speak.

%22The tongue is the only muscle in the human body that never gets tired.%22Evan Esar

Enough motivation for today! Time for the exercises!

1) Read the sentences; each one is missing a word. Choose it from the list and complete the phrase.
▪ A group of cows is called ____
a) a pack
b) a school
c) a herd
d) a band
▪ A group of sharks is called ____
e) critters
f) a flock
g) a pod
h) a shiver
▪ A group of whales is called ____
j) a school
k) a canine
l) a pod
m) a herd
▪ A group of birds is called ____
n) a flock
o) a pack
p) a feather
q) a cow
▪ A group of fish is called ____
r) a shiver
s) a school
t) a shark
u) a flock
▪ A group of lions is called ____
v) a herd
w) a pod
x) a flock
y) a pack

z) A group of pupils from the one school is called classmates.

A school of fish

2) Choose the partitive word for each noun:
▪ Would you like a ____ of coffee?
a) pinch
b) cup
c) chunk
▪ Pass me, please, a ___ of bread.
d) slice
e) pile
f) box
▪ I should add a ____ of pepper to my soup.
g) cup
h) bag
j) pinch
▪ Give me please a ___ of milk.
k) bag
l) box
m) pint
▪ Who managed to put here a ___ of sand?
n) pile
o) slice
p) pinch
▪ To clean all of this I need a ___ of detergent!
q) chunk
r) cup
s) box
▪ Would you mind to taste a ___ of cheese?
t) pinch
u) box
v) chunk
▪ I’m so thirsty that I’ll drink a ___ of beer!
w) pint
x) cup
y) bag

z) A group of gorillas is called a band. Remember, not every music group is a band.

To check the answers, consult the following infographic:

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