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Updated: Top 18 Grammar blogs you should read every day

  • March 21, 2016
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Why do you use the grammar blogs?

If you’re a student, a teacher, an ESL speaker, and a writer you have to use grammar reference or guide.

Before we could refer to our teacher, old dictionaries, and our friends.

Today we do the same. We refer to a data bank. But to the date bank gathered somewhere from the Internet.

How can you trust that website? Do you believe that the information is correct there?

Yesterday my students laughed at me because I’ve downloaded the text of the song from an unreliable source. The text was incorrect and did not match the song.

I have gathered 18 grammar blogs I trusted once [checked, double-checked], and believe their information is correct.

You should apply to these sources each time you need, as they are trustworthy.

I also have added the Twitter names of these English teaching blogs so you can find them there.

1   WoodwardEnglish (@WoodwardEnglish)

WoodwardEnglishThis blog may seem cozy at first. But there are a lot of pages to study. Almost each subject is made with a separate grammar chart. It is useful and convenient to explore the question.

After you learn the rules, you can play a grammar game online. This is fun and efficient.

2    Daily Grammar

The blog follows the rule of small steps every day. DailyGrammarThere you’ll find small lessons with answers at the foot of the page. 1-2 minutes exercise on a daily basis will make you strong in every sphere of your life.

3   Grammarist (@_grammarist)

It charmed me with its accurate work. GrammaristWith its list of resources, it is a little similar to the one in Wikipedia. The author makes his/her great work since 2009. I liked a lot the precise explanation and a lot of the examples there. It is a huge help for the visitor to understand the rule.

4    EnglishGrammarRevolution (@GrammarROCKS)EngGrammarRevolution

The website is amazing (I love this word). It is evident in use, and it is simple to learn through it. There are tables, charts, videos, exercises, and answers. You can choose the desired concerns to study directly on the web page or chose the sitemap to look through any interesting subject.

5   Grammarly (@grammarly)

One more word about Grammarly. GrammarlyIt is a great tool for verifying the grammar and spelling. Also, it has the blog where you can discover the subjects where you wanted to argue with the Grammarly application. You can find there more interesting subjects than you even supposed!

6    English GrammarEngGrammar

This site offers both online and offline modes of using it. You can download their lessons and work with them offline or choose the link to the online ones. You have a grammar checker online. Also, you take profit of the online video classes: not everyone likes reading and learning the text rules.

7    Perfect English Grammar (@I_love_English)Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.06.14

I love this site, and I like the teaching methods of the author. There are some video lessons, infographics, exercises in PDF and online variants with answers, and some information on every interesting topic.

8   DailyWritingTips (@writing_tips)

It is a sort of the blog that has collected the perfect English grammar inside. Still it involves new topic every day. DailyWritingTipsThere are the authors who help us to improve our English skills. I’d advise this blog for those who are in a very intense work. The site gives a lot of comments on each question, and the information is provided in a cozy list way.

9    GrammarBook

Here are gathered FREE Online English Usage Rules. It means that when you have some tests at school, you can look through the GrammarBook and find the needed subject to get prepared.GrammarBook

10  Grammarphobia (@grammarphobia)

This blog is a great kid of passionate love to English. This is the most detailed site to speak English and about English.Grammarphobia Except everything I mentioned before about the other blogs, moreover, this site has broadcast page, the creators’ books page, and external links for those who are passionately in love with word studying too.

11    Guide to Grammar and WritingGuide to grammar

This site provides us with a lot of information, grammar rules, and exercises. It is a grammar blog of Capital Community College. The main idea here is to choose the needed topic on the main page. Next you will have the whole list of rules to discover.

12    Kaplan International (@kaplanintl)

Yes, this site is famous around the web by its infographics. KaplanBut its website is full on useful topics and clear explanations. They offer a wide choice for a student of what and how to learn the English language. I think that you should either visit their site or blog and find the best option for you.

13    EnglishTeacherMelanie (@TeacherMelanie)

This experienced teacher created her blog platform to help her intermediate and advanced followers to improve their language to the degree of finally starting the real speech out of their classrooms.EngTeacherMelanie

14    EnglishLeap (@Englishleap)

The website is designed directly to make you feel better about your English, and help you to move forward in your speech, career, school or any other sphere of life.EngLeap

15    EnglishGrammarSecrets

A handy English grammar source with easy grammar tips and funny exercises. EngSecretsThe site owner insists on practice, and I agree with him/her. Grammar is the tool to use during your language acquisition, so apply to good grammar, and visit this site for more praxis.

16    UsingEnglish (@UsingEnglish)

UsingEnglishThere you’ll find a suitable content for you. There are quizzes, grammar, information for teachers, and forums to discuss a question and to get a different point of view.

17    BritishCouncil (@LearnEnglish_BC)

BritishCouncil also has a considerable resource for English studying. BritishCouncilI adore their site, and I often take some video/audio classes to make my students practice, learn, and have a lot of fun.

18    EnglishClub

The name of the site EnglishClub speaks for itself. EngClubThere you can use any information for your demand: videos, games, text rules, etc. What I like most is that there is some stuff for teachers, and students. So everybody can achieve his/her learning goals.

I hope I could help you to find new reliable sites to take the information from.

Visit my page for updates, and grammar as usual!

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