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English for Intermediate Students, Lesson 10. Homework

  • March 24, 2016
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Once again: we have discovered the Indicative, and Imperative moods.

Do you remember the grammar from the lesson?

I’d like to insist on this point: you should always revise the needed grammar before doing your homework. Not only because I’m a crazy English teacher. There some more advantages in this method.

In such a way you will make fewer mistakes, and so you’ll be more motivated to learn further.

1) Correct the mistakes:

  1. Don’t does that.Homework 10
  2. Helped yourself!
  3. Make themselves at home.
  4. Post this letter for me, don’t you?
  5. She work from 10 am to 18 pm.
  6. The bus arrive at 9.45 am.
  7. He dislike sweets.
  8. It are usual for him not to sleep during the whole day.
  9. I know, you am right.
  10. Sorry, could you waits a minute?
  11. Where is the children?
  12. Don’t tell anyone about it, don’t you?
  13. Won’t stay here, can’t you?
  14. Gos there, will you?
  15. Don’t asked anyone about me, won’t you?
  16. Are my guest.
  17. Please, is sit down.
  18. Comes in!

2) Change to the Imperative mood:

  1. I come home at 18 o’clock.
  2. You work a lot in the evening.
  3. We often speak English.
  4. They started the new life after that day.
  5. She likes her cat.
  6. Her cat likes only its food.
  7. He booked a room in the hotel.

3) Change to the Indicative mood:

  1. Go home!
  2. Don’t stay here, please.
  3. Come in.
  4. Don’t ask anyone about me, won’t you?
  5. Make yourself at home.
  6. Don’t stay here, can’t you?
  7. Go there, will you?
  8. Restart the exercises from the beginning.
  9. Let’s go to Spain.
  10. Call me back in one hour.
  11. Find out the decision.
  12. Hurry up! We can’t wait.

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