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Comparative Adjectives Homework

  • September 12, 2016
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Good grammar day!

It’s not only grammar but also working day. The best thing to do is to work, do a lot of work… And of course to do our homework. Wink!

Today we should revise the adjectives and their degrees of comparison.

As always I give you the easiest homework I can make. Don’t be shy and don’t even try to think to be lazy.

Good Better Best

Please, remember:

  1. We change the adjectives that have one or two syllables.
  2. We double the ending consonant letter in a one-syllable word.
  3. We omit “-e” from the “-er” endings in comparison if we already have the ending “e” in the word.
  4. Keep in mind some irregular words as good and bad.

1) Make comparative form of the following adjectives:

  • easy
  • ugly
  • long
  • round
  • reach
  • old
  • simple
  • bored
  • good
  • unchallenging
  • technical
  • deep
  • important
  • beautiful
  • bad
  • sad
  • stubborn

2) Make superlative form of the following adjectives:

  • challenging
  • annoying
  • weird
  • new
  • fresh
  • exciting
  • violent
  • boring
  • tired
  • tiring
  • stupid
  • active
  • slow
  • resembling
  • strange
  • fast
  • short

These exercises are uncomplicated to the degree that you can do it in a few seconds and then do your home tasks.

Please pay attention, this is critical: make sure to exercise every day as it is of great consequence for your health and your mental capacity too. See you at the gym after your homework!

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