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Adjectives Order Homework

  • September 8, 2016
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Today we continue with the series of the grammar notions, and we study the adjectives yet. We should revise what we have learned about the adjectives order as we explained in the previous grammar post.

Let’s recall the main ideas from the last class.

If we have the special signal as “the”, “most”, “fifty” before them, then the adjectives must be listed in a particular order as follows:

  • Opinion: kind, smart
  • Size: high
  • Age: new, old, prehistoric, immature
  • Shape: square, round
  • Color: yellow, pale, spotted, rosy.
    [They say it is alright to interchange “age,” “color”, and “shape” as long as the sentence is not uncomfortable.]
  • Origin: French, marine, public
  • Material: snow, plastic, wool
  • Purpose: word combinations as “fishing rod”, “training wheels”, or “cooking pots”.
    [Purpose adjectives often end in “-ing”.]

There are three exercises for today, so get ready. As usual, I’d advise you to revise the grammar rules here or from the infographic here.

Order of Adjectives in the sentence

Define an adjective in the sentence:

A. My grandmother always cooks the best cakes.
B. This dog walks clumsily.
C. Hi, this is Ann. I’m calling you to ask about grammar.
D. Oh, I was wondering if I can dance hip-hop.
E. Hi, this is Jim. I want to ask about grammar classes.
F. What do you think about my new overcoat?
G. Where have you put my favorite toy?
H. I can smell the appetizing soup by our granny! Where is she? We have to thank her!
I. These adjectives may also have their comparative forms.

Correct the mistakes in order or form when you think it’s necessary:

A. Please, throw away this ugly old cup!
B. Sorry, I didn’t hear your French last long phrase.
C. Can you find more of round wooden big discs?
D. As for my elder big smart brother, he prefers fish to meat.
E. Jane has created a new ocean-going blue huge boat.
F. Have you ever heard about the music group “‘Old pale snowmen?”
G. I don’t know anyone who speaks Latin or Greek dead languages.
H. What’s about you? Do you like the clumsily dogs?
I. This territory is property private; you can’t access it.

Find the antonyms for the adjectives, and then find synonyms:

  • Silent
  • Old-fashioned
  • Quiet
  • Lazy
  • Modern
  • Small
  • Adult
  • Speedy
  • Tall
  • Big
  • Short
  • Loud
  • Young
  • New
  • Old
  • Soundless
  • Fast
  • Aged
  • Slow
  • Noisy
  • Active
  • Dull


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