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The insider anti-boredom guide

  • June 30, 2016
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Are your students bored? Are you tired or sleepy?

Don’t worry; that’s just a question.

It’s just a question to make teachers and students think about their classes and their teaching or learning methods.

Do you have any issues with your English classes as “I can’t remember new rules”, “I can’t use these standards after learning them,” “I can’t fix this set of words in my vocabulary,” etc.?

Please, don’t blame it on your teacher or your memory. If you want to point the finger at someone, you can charge your brain.

brainIt may seem lazy, but it just concentrates on crucial things: food, danger, and safety.

There is a lion! I put him there only because he will attract more attention from your brain.


This is how it works. Now it’s up to us to help our mind see and absorb new information different from the really significant one.

When I was a kid, I’ve learnt a unique method of cramming the information into my head.

A little bit later I understood one more way of studying from pictures, and infographics, which you can buy here.

The primary goal of an image is to call attention to itself. Then our intellect starts its research. Even if the material was not the one it was looking for, our mind remembers it.

The next point is to make the picture interesting, helpful, and fun. We’ll have our full consideration of the subject in question.


What is our next goal?

  • Find the most interesting infographics to study.
  • Open youtube, watch movies in English or cartoons as you prefer.
  • Surround yourself with English (as we’re learning English, aren’t we?) everywhere.
  • For example, put some objects’ names on the stuff you can’t remember the name in English.


Try to find more language in your daily life.

  • Create a dairy, where you’ll write down your ideas in the new dialect.
  • Change your computer or phone language.
  • Read magazines using a brand new speech you’re learning.
  • Use your hobby to help you in your studies.


Please, don’t even try to accuse anyone except your brain, as it is the main reason for you to slow your learning.

Start a new journey.

Though try to write the list of the motivational ideas for you to study new things (OK, mathematics may be one of your motivation!) with your Language-Learning-Partner or your Teacher.

That’s how your teacher should work with you: find more pictures, create more fun, and organise short learning timespan. Text should be found not only here, on a page format, but near and inside infographics too.


Your part of the activity is to offer him/her your motivation ideas (make them true, please, or they won’t work), and then discover everything as a child.

If you already know your goal as you fell in love with a guy or girl, and you two can speak only English, but you don’t learn it, ask yourself do you definitely love him/her, or you’re kidding me?


Your goal should wake you up every morning better than from your alarm clock!


For example, I’ve got two cute old ladies at my school who are scared of Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is their motivation to learn a new language.

And you?

Why are you learning English?

What is your goal?

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