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English for beginners, Lesson 13. Homework

  • January 25, 2016
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1) Insert the following adjectives: expensive, important, interesting, incredible, dear, amusing, adorable, next, last, lovely, nice, well-known, noble, obvious.

  • I want to buy this painting; it is so ______! But I can’t afford it. It is too ___.
  • What a ______ boy!
  • His answer is _______, and his reaction is _______.
  • My _____ child, I want to tell you a very ______ piece of news!
  • Who is ____?
  • Oh, that’s _______! I can’t believe it!
  • The _____ time I saw her, she wanted to make a haircut. Maybe now it would be difficult to recognize her.
  • That’s an _____ game, but they don’t want to play it.
  • We have a horse-breeding business. Look at this ____ horse!
  • It is _________ that the Earth rotates around the Sun.
  • Thank you! It was a _____ dinner.Homework 13

2) Correct the mistakes (chose the correct place for the adjective:

  • What remarkable a picture!
  • This is nice very of you.
  • You are more than beautiful I thought.
  • He angry is always.
  • That tender sounds.
  • What a play perfect, I love it.
  • I want to take part in international an chess tournament.
  • Bob handsome is, unfortunately, shy he looks too.
  • Why does she have such a smile sly?
  • Andrew Perkins is the most writer famous of the year.
  • This is imaginary an fact.
  • His glory would immortal be.
  • Can you believe it? We met a hero living!

3) Make the comparative form:

  • You are beautiful, but your sister is _____ ______.
  • He’s so angry. I haven’t seen him ____ before.
  • It’s dangerous. I don’t know anything ______ ______.
  • This cake is big enough, but the previous one was ____.
  • Don’t you think this exercise is easy? No, the previous one was ____.
  • Today my skirt is not short. Yesterday it was _____.
  • Don’t you think that this is funny? Please, try to make something ____.
  • He is old, but he can’t sit still. I am afraid that when he gets ____, he will become a true adventurer!
  • Andy is happy today. Have you seen him ____ before?
  • You are famous, why do you want to be ___ ___?
  • That day was so sunny! How do you think will this day be ____?

4) Make the superlative form:

  • Are you hungry? – Yes, I am __ ____ person here!
  • Do you think this dish is tasty? It should be __ ___ dish for the festival.
  • They are important for me, but nothing more. Why do you think they are __ __ __ people for me?
  • Sunday I always feel happy. But this Monday I will be __ ___ person in the world: I will meet my best friend!
  • Are you healthy? – Yes, thank you. I’m __ ___ man.
  • Is he young? Yes, he is __ ___ among us.
  • I have visited a lot of markets in my life; all of them were crowded. But this one is __ ___ ____.

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