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Where Do People Use Phrasal Verbs? Find out the examples doing your homework!

  • July 4, 2016
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Note: to make a verb phrasal we usually take the following prepositions: about after along away back down forward in into off on out over round through up with.

a) Insert the needed preposition:

  • Good morning! Stand __.
  • He put __ painting and cut the grass first.
  •  I’ll go online and look __ ‘phrasal verbs’.
  • Look me __ the next time you’re in town.
  • Frankie passed __ newspapers.Bennie became dizzy and passed __.
  • Look __ that task I gave you.



b) Insert the needed preposition:

  • I called __ today because I’m sick.
  • Dog owners sometimes look __ on cat owners, which is silly, because cat owners sometimes look __ on dog owners.
  • We had to call __ the meeting due to the absence of most attending.
  • Please, carry __ your work.
  • Caterpillars turn __ butterflies.
  • She gave __ after a month of her diet!
  • He sure got __ with that.
  • The surgery was rough, but he pulled __.
  • After you pass the park, turn __ the school parking lot.
  • Tom put __ with many jokes when he took his guinea pig to work.
  • They had such a cute love story, that no one believed they could break __.
  • Fred was stranded in the woods for 3 days with only a box of candy bars, so he’s put __ by chocolate for now.
  • Are you looking __ the weekend?
  • Annie had a blow ___ when she saw a tear in her dress.
  • I look __ to meeting with you.
  • What do you think __ it?
  • Come __, come __ with me.
  • Please, could you look __ the children while I’m away?
  • I hate you! Go __!
  • Come __. You are welcome.
  • Once again your car broke __.
  • Shouldn’t you repair the car at the station? I will be __! In a new episode. Bye!
  • Come __ and see us sometimes!
  • The robber gave __ when the cops cornered him.
  • Look __ the newspaper. Something wrong is going on in the city.
  • Watch __! You are in danger!
  • When she spilled her milk, she carried __ about it for hours.
  • David circled __ the girl at the party, waiting for a chance to talk to her.


c) Correct the mistakes:

  • Stand through! The class will start.
  • Come out! You’re welcome.
  • Follow me over the street. I will go first.
  • Calm up. There is nothing to worry about.
  • Will you come about in one hour?
  • What do you think forward this news?
  • Turn the lights up, please.
  • Think along my proposition.
  • Go off your grammar.
  • John circled out the girl at the party, unfortunately, without success.
  • Look round the chapter. I think there’s something useful for you.
  • Throw around your old papers.

Phrasal Verbs infographicd) Match the beginnings and endings to make up sentences from the two parts:

The news got It isn’t dark.
He tries to about that John and Sheila had got married.
She will come what your friend told you.
The car broke You will fall down!
I am looking in these papers, please.
Fill over our expenses once again.
Turn the lights off. it is warm inside.
Take off your coat; to come round.
Look out! forward to Friday.
We need to go down because of you!
Think over give up drinking Cola.
She promised back after her holiday in Spain, won’t she?
I want to get along with her, but without success.

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