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Preposition +ing. English for Intermediate Students, Lesson 7

  • March 3, 2016
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If we have a verb after a preposition, we put this verb into gerund form (-ing).

  • About

What do you think about purchasing a new house?

  • At

Pauline is excellent at learning new languages.

  • By

You will soon become stronger by doing a little exercise every day.

  • For

It is the best variant for making money.

  • In

They are very interested in learning English.

  • In spite of

Jane accomplished her promise in spite of avoiding the responsibility.

  • Instead of

She decided to take a cup of tea instead of drinking coffee.

  • With

Oh! They were completely fed up with working for their friends. They wanted to change something.Lesson 7

  • We also use gerund form (-ing) after without:

Can you survive without eating cakes?

  • When we use before or after, we can use both infinitive or gerund (-ing) forms:

Before making cakes, you should buy some more flour.

Before you make cakes, you should buy some more flour.

After eating cakes alone, you will feel more replete. Just invite your friends to have lunch with you!

After you eat all these cakes alone, you will feel more replete, and lazy.

  • Pay attention! “To” as a part of the infinitive does not change the verb to its gerund form.

I want to dance.

You hope to meet her again.

  • But if we have “To” as a preposition, we follow the first rules, and we change the verb after this preposition to its gerund form (-ing).

I am looking forward to meeting her tonight.

Do you prefer walking to doing exercises?

Find the homework for this lesson here.

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