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Intermediate English. Lesson 7, Homework

  • March 7, 2016
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Insert the needed preposition:

  • She was talking ___ listening.
  • They succeeded in music __ having more practice.
  • What do you think __ walking this evening?
  • Do you really prefer studying __ having a little rest?
  • That’s your worst choice __ avoiding the responsibility!
  • She’s okay __ studying maths, but she’s better __ studying history.
  • We’re interested __ purchasing your product.
  • He’s bored __ your ideas.
  • You should better take a nap _ _ staying awake the whole night.
  • __ starting your working day you have to air the room.
  • When you go back home, you should check everything’s okay __ you’re leaving the office.Intermediate Homework

Correct the mistakes:

  1. What do you think to purchasing a new T-shirt?
  2. Pauline is excellent in spite of learning languages.
  3. You will be stronger about doing a little exercise every day.
  4. It is the best variant to making money.
  5. They are very interested for learning English.
  6. Jane accomplished her promise in avoiding the responsibility.
  7. She decided to take a cup of tea by drinking coffee.
  8. They were completely fed up in working for their friends. They wanted to change something.
  9. Can you survive at eating cakes?

Make sentences using the needed preposition:


  1. Before making cakes
  2. After eating cakes alone
  3. Just invite your friends to your birthday
  4. After you eat all these cakes alone
  5. I want
  6. You hope
  7. I am looking


  1. you will feel more replete.
  2. to ask a question.
  3. you should buy some more flour.
  4. you will feel more replete, and almost fat.
  5. to become more healthy.
  6. forward to meeting you next week.
  7. by sending them invitation cards.

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