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Intermediate English Homework. Lesson 6

  • March 2, 2016
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A little more training today! Please, refer to the corresponding lesson before doing your homework.

1. Insert the needed preposition:

  • Come ___! We were waiting ___ you.
  • Come ___! You don’t need to worry!
  • Show must go __!
  • Let’s meet ___ the bus station.
  • I saw him yesterday ___ the theater.
  • What can you see ___ this painting?
  • I’m tired. I will be ___ home if you need me.
  • Where is my toothbrush? – As usual, __ its place.
  • He is __ the garden.Homework 6

2. Correct the mistakes:

  • He was at the garden.
  • I’m studying today in the University.
  • You will be working in the factory.
  • He was sitting in the river-bank.
  • We were going at the theater.
  • She was sitting in my chair.
  • He is standing at a stone.
  • Can you see him there in the bench?

3. Make sentences using the following list of prepositions:

on, at, while, during, for, in (some of them are used few times)

  • I was sunbathing ____ he was swimming.
  • He was sunbathing ____ two hours ____ his nightmare.
  • Are you sitting ___ a chair or ___ an armchair?
  • We came ___ our friend’s.
  • We had fun, but we weren’t feeling __ home there.
  • They spoke ___ a while; then they left the room.
  • All __ good time!
  • Look. One more leaf _ the floor. I guess that it’s autumn.
  • Hello. I’m __ my way home. Can I call you back _ one hour?

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