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Whose is this? Who are you talking about? English for Beginners, Lesson 15

  • February 1, 2016
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Dear students, I wanted to tell the secret. This is the last lesson for beginners. Please, study the grammar carefully, do your homework, and find your congratulations there.

  • I -> Me -> My -> Mine
  • You -> You -> Your -> Yours
  • We -> Us -> Our -> Ours
  • They -> Them -> Their -> Theirs
  • He -> Him -> His -> His
  • She -> Her -> Her -> Hers
  • It -> It -> ItsLesson 15

a) I, you, we, they, he, she, it are the subjects of the sentence:

  1. I watch TV.
  2. You can swim.
  3. We are here.
  4. They do the job.
  5. He is famous.
  6. She is a doctor.
  7. It can talk!

b) Me, you, us, them, him, her, it are the objects of the sentence:

  1. You looked at me.
  2. I looked at you.
  3. They speak about us.
  4. Do you know anything about them?
  5. She does not want to meet him today.
  6. He wants to see her one more time.

That was an easy part of the lesson.

c) Now let me introduce possessive pronouns:

  • I – My
  • You – Your
  • We – Our
  • They – Their
  • He – His
  • She – Her
  • It – its
  1. I use my eyeglasses to read small letters.
  2. You offered them your seats in the theater.
  3. We are waiting for our friends.
  4. They don’t take their children with them today.
  5. He is proud of his scientific work.
  6. She worries about her new hairdo.
  7. The favorite game for my dog is to play with its tail.

d) In case we use possessive pronoun without a noun, we use the following:

  1. Whose is this book? – It’s mine.
  2. Whose is this umbrella? – It’s yours.
  3. Whose is that box? – It’s ours.
  4. Whose are these tickets? – They are theirs.
  5. Is this his hat? – Yes, it’s his.
  6. Is this his coat? –No, it’s hers.

e) ’S as the last point for this lesson.

When we don’t want to use any possessive pronoun, we use the noun and ’s. We use the ’s for people:

  1. Whose is this car? This is Ann’s car.
  2. Whose is this? This is Ann’s.
  3. Your hairdo is better than John’s.
  4. Whose is this dress? It’s my sister’s.
  5. Where will you go? We will be at our friend’s house.

f) Here one more information to study:

Sister’s vs Sisters’

Both variants are correct and possible. We choose the first one (sister’s) to say about one sister’s thing. We choose sisters’ to say about two sisters’ thing:

  1. I have got one sister. She has got a bicycle. This bicycle is my sister’s.
  2. I have got two sisters. They have got a house. That is my sisters’ house.

Find out the homework for this lesson here.

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