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English for Beginners, Lesson 15. Homework

  • February 3, 2016
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This is the last homework for you as my beginner students! This evening we are going to start the Intermediate course, and learn everything you want to study, and to use in your everyday life.

This homework may seem easy, though it is not. And I want you to do your best to practice your knowledge from the fifteenth lesson.

1) Ask questions using the following words: hat, book, guitar, box, house, game, wine, picture, hand, cake.Homework 15

  1. Whose is this cake? – It’s mine. Don’t eat it!
  2. ____________? – It is yours. Do you remember, Alex gave this to you last summer?
  3. _____________? – It’s ours; we bought it last week.
  4. _____________? – It belongs to that skeleton. We had a lesson yesterday, and we did not put its hand back.
  5. _____________? – This is Ann’s book. She reads it every evening.
  6. _____________? – It was theirs. They just didn’t need it.
  7. _____________? – It is my brother’s. You know, he adores paintings.
  8. _____________? – Isn’t this Fred’s? I don’t believe he plays the computer games.
  9. _____________? – That was their house they have bought for their children. So that was their children’s home.
  10. _____________? – She is those girls’ mother.

2) Answer the questions using different kinds of possessives:

  1. What is this? – This is Steve’s book.
  2. Whose it that dog? –
  3. Whose is this seat? I want to take it. –
  4. Whose is that red scarf? –
  5. What is that? –
  6. Whose is this necklace?
  7. What was that? –
  8. Whose recipe is this? –
  9. That was really tasty. Who made the cake? –
  10. Isn’t she Linda’s grandmother? –

3) Correct the mistakes:

  1. You looked at I.
  2. I looked at she
  3. Them speak about us.
  4. Do you know anything about he?
  5. I use they eyeglasses today.
  6. Her offered they a walking-tour of the city.
  7. Whose is this dress? It’s my sisters’s.
  8. Is this you hat? – No, it’s wrong.
  9. Whose is this car? This is Jorge car.
  10. He doesn’t want he son to study at this school.

Find out the grammar from this lesson here.

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