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English for Beginners, Lesson 14. Homework

  • January 31, 2016
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Once again you have learned a little more difficult grammar. So I will give you the easier exercises today. Please, do your homework carefully with patience.

a) Make up sentences:

  • Want, you, see, today, they, to.
  • Need, I, meet, them, to.
  • Hopes, with, he, to, sing, her.
  • Try, learn, words, to, new, we.
  • You, of, to, follow, learn, the rules, grammar.Homework 14

b) Correct the mistakes:

  1. I want you to swimming.
  2. You hate to sing songs.
  3. They enjoy to dance every evening.
  4. She wants working this morning.
  5. He hopes to working with them.
  6. We will stop to look at them if you tell us what is wrong with their hands. Why are they green?

c) Make requests to do the following: swim, dance, play, work, learn, start, be polite, clean.

  1. I want you to clean your room.
  2. She asks him __ ____ with her.
  3. They advise us ___ ____ harder.
  4. Please, teach me ___ _____.
  5. We need ______ _____, but not rude.
  6. You have ____ _____ a new project tomorrow.
  7. Our teacher is always telling us __ _____ a lot of new words. We feel overtired today.

d) Explain why you do this or that thing:

  1. Why did you buy a new toy for your dog? – To have more fun with him!
  2. Why do you eat a lot of salads? – To ____.
  3. Why do you make so much noise?
  4. Why do they meet in the evening?
  5. Why does she work a lot?
  6. Why do we spend so much time in front of TV?
  7. Why do dolphins play with people?
  8. Why have you colored your hair?
  9. Why do I talk to them?

e) Change to reported speech:

  1. She says: “I’m hungry.”
  2. They said: “We don’t need this to be famous.”
  3. We say: “You should learn ten new words every day, and you will know a lot in one month.”
  4. I said: “Don’t use your car too often.”
  5. They answered: “We really love your tea. But we would add a little more milk.”
  6. You answered: “We don’t often drive our car in the evenings.”

Find out the grammar for this lesson here.

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