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Vitamins and Sport to your Classes

  • September 19, 2016
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Good grammar day!

Today I would like to focus your attention on the health of your studies and learning process on the whole.

Ok, I can say that I’m persistent on this subject because it’s essential. There are few necessary steps to succeed in learning.

The first step is healthy food and seasonal vitamins.

Don’t forget to take vitamins and provide yourself with the maximum of the season vitamins daily: it will provide you and your children with natural sources of energy and health. I guess it’s everything that you need right now.


Unfortunately, people don’t go into hibernation. Yeah, sometimes you might want to, but we can’t repeat the bears’ experience. I can wink at my sleepy students; I can’t make them more healthy if their parents don’t care about the seasonal changes when their child may be low on vitamin A, B, C, E – anything they must have in their body.

The second step is to exercise on a regular basis.

Next, you shouldn’t avoid your gym or school sports activities. The main benefit for you and your child is the physical health combined with strength.

Yes, if needed you’ll be able to sprint far enough or to accept a fight.

The third step is to learn and repeat, and then revise.

What can you remember anything from your school classes? Do you recall that particular poem?

Why? Because it took time for you to learn and remember it! It is not for nothing that they created this famous proverb: repetitio est mater studiorum which means repetition is the mother of study/learning.

As for me, I always use this saying: repetition is the mother of learning. I learn and repeat what I’ve studied. Then, I repeat the new knowledge and skills to cement in the information that I’ve learned.

I’m a persistent crazy learn-everything-fast person.

Just because I can’t afford to focus for too long on one particular subject. I’m busy from 6 am to 23 pm is my schedule to complete all my tasks: job, business, students that I teach at my school, and additional learning. Yes, all of these activities are entirely distinct from each other.

So, I wish you and your children the best luck in your studying progress and motivation! Be smart and healthy!

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