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Prefixes Homework

  • September 14, 2016
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Good new grammar day!

Today we’re doing our casual homework. It will be usual, uncomplicated, and very entertaining too.

We have only started the prefixes subject, though your task for today will ask for some more time than the previous one.

Let’s recollect: we’ve studied two prefixes “di” and “dis.”

  • Di-“ from Greek suggests the meaning “two,” “twice,” “double.”
  • Dis-“ from Latin meaning “apart,” “asunder,” “away,” “utterly,” or having a negative message.

You can expand your vocabulary

Our homework is simple, but I’d advise you to look through the post from the grammar class.

The only, the least challenging exercise ever (wink!) designed especially for you!

Find the word beginning with one of the prefixes “dis” or “di” according to its definition:

  1.  The noun which shows that you don’t agree with someone is disagreement.
  2.  The verb to express your denial is _______.
  3. The verb to say that you became invisible is ________.
  4.  The noun to show that you’re in shame is ________.
  5.  The synonym to the previous term is ________.
  6.  The verb to describe when you split something among your friends can be called _______.
  7.  The verb you can address to someone to ask him to ignore the previous information is __________.
  8.  The noun to name a show, exhibition is _________.
  9.  A strict mode of life following the rules is called ________.
  10.    The synonym for sickness or illness is _________.
  11.    The verb to say that one finds something new, reveals some new thing or idea is called _____.
  12.    Your friends call your state of dissatisfaction like this _________.
  13.    The noun to describe a lack of harmony is called ______.
  14.    The verb to say that one thinks in a different way is called ________.
  15.    The noun which shows the space between two places is called ______.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the exercise, and found a lot of words to study.

Yes, this is also the homework to this class.

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