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Learning is a marathon, so run it!

  • November 2, 2016
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Recently my students asked me to give them more praxis after each grammar post.

Starting from today, we’re going revise something old and learn something new from the English language grammar.

You shouldn’t be afraid of lots of exercises I’m going to offer to you! I hope it’s going to be fun and helpful.

This time I’d like you to study the grammar tips slower than before, you should focus on each step to notice what you’re learning. Here I’m not kidding.

Currently, I have a new group of students who forget everything before their next English class. No, I’m not angry, nor furious – I’m sad and a little bit scared. How can a living person spend like a drunken sailor? I mean spend money on English classes without even trying to learn five or seven new words! This is a strange unawareness or some other indicator.

I have to do my best to help my students!


At school, it was okay for me to spend 15 years of my life to learn languages as I was planning to devote a part of my life to this passion. Such an extended period is not logical or reasonable for the people who aren’t going to pursue science. I want to shout to them “Hey, guys, are you wasting your lifetime for doing nothing?”

Okay, this is not the point of our discussion today, let’s move forward.

If you’re a teacher reading my article, high five! If you’re an ESL student, get ready for more fulfilling praxis and fun since this day. Wink!

I start my subject by the alphabet.

I wanted to do this from the very beginning when I never met the crazy-lazy case before.

Now I know where to start and where to go, so let’s run this learning marathon all together!

Of course, you can do it!

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