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Countable Mistakes! Ooops, I did it again ;)

  • August 3, 2016
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We continue our work today.

We should try to do the accounting calculation of the countable and uncountable nouns. It may seem impossible, still we can do it.

We choose “some” to speak about both countable and uncountable when we don’t name the exact quantity. The quantity should be plural at least.

We use “any” when we mean countable or uncountable nouns. The number is negative is the sentence, we suppose “zero” quantity.

We need the indefinite article “a” to say about one piece of something; an indefinite object; any from the list.

We have “the” definite article to talk about definite objects or the ones that are singular in the world. We also put “the” to say something on the whole.

When there is a zero article that means that we have a general notion or uncountable noun.

Sorry, I didn't get in from the first time.

Let’s do some exercises to revise the rules.

1) Put in the blanks either “some” or “any”:

▪ I’d like ___ more sugar in my coffee.
▪ He doesn’t get __ satisfaction of this music.
▪ Please, add ___ salt to the salad.
▪ Don’t put ___ sugar to the tea, please.
▪ Would you like ___ salt or pepper?
▪ I love ___ possible sort of spices!
▪ She won’t stand __ more sweets!
▪ Unfortunately, Anna is a highly allergic individual. She protests __ sugar or salt you might offer to her.

2) Put in the blanks either “a“, “the” or a zero article:

▪ Let’s listen to __ music.
▪ What’s __ capital of England?
▪ Do you know what pets Elsa has? She has __ bees.
▪ If I’m happy, I speak about ___ happiness.
▪ And when you’re sad, you talk about ___ sadness!

3) Correct the mistakes in quantifiers and articles:

▪ I like the cheese.
▪ He can see many happiness in your eyes.
▪ You can’t talk about the weather!
▪ Mix one sugar with one salt, and you’ll make a mistake.
▪ Try to count your many money.
▪ Give me, please, much apples.

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