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What kind of vocabulary should you have?

  • November 17, 2016
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Good Grammar Day!

As always, we start a new grammar class now!

And as usual, I take the subject from my students’ questions: “What kind of vocabulary should one have?”

Thanks to my followers and subscribers we’re going to find out the answer today!

Let’s discuss the central vocabulary and the lexical structure for you to master.

Which vocabulary should you learn?-3

  1. What size your word-hoard should be?
  2. Which vocabulary should you learn?

Unfortunately, nobody can advise you on the vocabulary to choose for learning.

What you should do first is to define the discipline that you’re going to use in your daily English speaking.

For example, you want to become a medical doctor and consult English speaking patients. In this case, you should pay more attention to the medical word-hoard.

It may include the following:

  • the structure of the human body
  • the five senses
  • the medical data and health information (diseases, symptoms, etc.)
  • the main tips of response-oriented psychology, and psychology of communication.

So, you should be able to do your work, and in this case — to take care of your clients using the English language.

The second step is to gain some basic vocabulary to speak in your everyday life: greetings, goodbyes, expression of feelings, asking and answering some casual questions as “how much is it?” and so on.

As always, I wish you good luck in your English language!

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