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Sequence of tenses. Lesson 4. Homework

  • February 19, 2016
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Make up sentences using these phrases:


  • That was my mistake:
  • They would be ready tomorrow,
  • I have made my homework yesterday.
  • You would meet a new friend,
  • He said that


  • just as you said!
  • he had found his wallet.
  • The day before yesterday I had played truant.
  • I had eaten too much that evening.
  • they said.Homework 4

Insert the correct form of the verb in the blanks:

  • They said they (come) ______________ at our place this evening.
  • Sarah said she (do) ________________ more exercises to feel better.
  • Mike thought that he (arrive) _______________ earlier than he really did.
  • I think that my students (make) _________________ no mistakes in their homework.
  • We are sure that you (have) ___________ a good time with your friends before we arrived.

Correct the mistakes (you can double check on the grammar page):

  • She said that she was been working on your project all day.
  • I said that he was sang at the concert hall, that we had to hurry.
  • I said that I found a new book by Robert S. few days before.
  • You said that you had waiting for two hours.
  • I said that I meet him tomorrow.

Change to the direct speech:

  • I said that you had to do this yesterday. You haven’t done this yet!
  • She said that I could take her part of the pizza.
  • They did not know that he would turn traitor.
  • You couldn’t see she was acting in a wrong way.
  • We couldn’t understand she acted in a wrong way until the mistake was spotted.

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