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English for beginners, Lesson 8. Homework

  • January 11, 2016
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Have a nice (Perfect) time with new homework! Today we have got five exercises to do. Once again, give the full answers, negatives and the full question forms.

As always: do not be afraid to make mistakes and have a lot of fun while doing your homework!

Good luck!

1) Insert in the blanks: ’ve done, has been, have come, ’s drunk, have lost, have bought, has thought.

  1. He _ never ____ the French wine.
  2. ____she ever _____ to India?
  3. I _______ it in a new way. I like it more.
  4. They ________ from Europe. They want to tell us what it is like there.
  5. You ___________ one more car!
  6. ___ he ever _______ about going abroad and not to another state?
  7. One more time we __________ our keys! Do you remember where I put my bag?Homework 8

2) Write the answers in the positive:

  1. Have you ever been at Dream Theater concert?
  2. Has he gone to Canada?
  3. Have they made that strange Schrodinger’s box for their cat?
  4. Has she found her key?
  5. Has he begun his studies at the University?
  6. Has your dog hidden its toys?
  7. Have Ann and Fred got their prize?

3) Write questions:

  1. I have gone to London once in life.
  2. They have already forgotten their trouble; now they are happy.
  3. She has eaten the dessert by herself, and now she does not feel okay.
  4. We have caught our dream! We will never lose it.
  5. He has sold the house.
  6. You have thought about the wrong author, the one I have told you about is Spanish.
  7. I have broken your vase…

4) Change phrases to the negative ones:

  1. You have shot the animal.
  2. She has sold all of her dresses.
  3. I’ve read about him.
  4. We have met before.
  5. He’s sent the letters.
  6. Their car has run 20,000 miles.
  7. They have already known her before.
  8. I have given the wrong answer.

5) Choose the correct variant:

  1. I have never ridden/I never rode a horse.
  2. Have you already finished/Did you already finish?
  3. Did you meet/have you met him before?
  4. I have put/put the toys in the box.
  5. I  have put/put the toys in the box yesterday.
  6. Did you make/have you made the right choice?
  7. How long have you been/were you to Rome?
  8. He has been/was to Italy for a week now.

Find out the grammar for this homework here.

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