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Do your Homework at Home!

  • October 13, 2016
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Good Grammar day!

Today we’re going to have a small talk about mutual responsibility.

If you don’t mind.

As you know, I run my private Language school where my students study different dialects. The main subject there is English.

The essential teaching method there is mutual responsibility.

This collocation means a lot for my students and me.

The teacher is always ready for the class. The student is also organized for the lesson. Each new class includes the following activities: listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking. The casual and traditional set of exercises and so on.

You may think that this classwork is enough to learn a new language well and be able to speak soon.


Yes, this work is supposed to help each student to achieve his or her learning goals. Sometimes the pupils are so talented that it’s a cup of tea for them to study a language quickly and gain proficient level with no trouble.

Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the students of my school are gifted in mathematics, programming, physics, but not languages. Or maybe they might be busy because of different reasons: work, scholarship or both of them. These causes lead to their “laziness” during the “additional” learners’ work.

You know, I’m a kind of “a dull, severe, old-school teacher.” I always try to help my students to improve their performance. However, if a learner doesn’t want to make any additional effort, to do some work at home, I may go crazy.

What are you doing here if you don’t want to have the result? If one (anyone – student or any worker/employee) doesn’t give any extra output to achieve his/her personal goals, why should another try to make this dead donkey move?

I would like to suggest to our students to consider working at home too. Ok, I want to make you aware of one more variant: we (a student and a teacher) can spend the complete lesson learning a new set of words from the 15 minutes of a movie or the ten pages of a book. This method can work, and it works. It is fun and surprisingly useful. But if we’re at school we’re not alone in the classroom. If you would like to gain more result, you have to work more.

Please, don’t get sad. You’re the winners, and the winners do never get upset. Wink! Learning new words and notions at home is not scary. If you get used to doing your homework at home, it won’t take more than 15 minutes. You can do it! And please, do it!

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