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  • December 30, 2015
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Brain training today! Are you used to it? Today we are going to revise the previous material and practice your new knowledge and skills.

I would like to ask you to do the exercises 1 and 2 using free choice and your enormous imagination. So, don’t ask the questions as “are you?”, and don’t give the answers as “yes, I did.”

Add more story to this part of the practice: this will help you to practice writing and speaking skills. After doing this as I recommended, you will find yourself speaking in a free way, I am sure!Homework 1

Answer the following questions using the correct grammar:

  1. Did you use to smoke before?
  2. Are they used to swimming long distances?
  3. Are you used to waiting your friends when they come late?
  4. Did she use to dance when she was a child?
  5. Is he used to working till late in the evening?
  6. Did we use to swim every day before the previous year?
  7. Did I use to speak loudly to you? Sorry.
  8. Did Jack use to play football?
  9. Is Ann used to dancing every day?
  10.   Are they used to being told what to do?

Ask questions using the used to do and be used to doing forms:

  1. We are not used to singing songs, but we really want to get used to this.
  2. I used to drink a lot of tea, but now I drink coffee every day just like crazy.
  3. John used to dance every time he heard music, but now he is shy and silent.
  4. I used to love hard rock, but now I prefer jazz.
  5. You are used to driving on the right now.
  6. She got used to swimming in the cold water.
  7. They got used to following the diet.
  8. Barb and Jim are used to having different time-table.

Fill in the blanks:

am used to driving, is used to having, are used to drinking, is used to speaking, used to think, used to work, used to do a lot, used to speaking new foreign language, used to speak Spanish, used to living with new haircut. 

  1. They ________________ juice instead of coffee.
  2. I am bald-headed now, but I am _____________________.
  3. Our girls _______________ of handmade bijou before, but now they need to work more at school, so they don’t have enough time for this hobby.
  4. Now he is a reporter, he _____________ the whole day.
  5. He ________________, but today he hardly remembers some phrases.
  6. We ______________ double tides, but it turned out meaningless.
  7. She ______________ in a different way, but now she understands that she was not right before.
  8. Oh, it was so difficult before, but now we are completely ________________, which is Chinese.
  9. I __________ a bike, though it was difficult at first try.
  10.   Fred __________ lunch early, because he needs to hurry all the time.

Find out the information from the lesson 1 here.

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