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  • May 4, 2021
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My dear students, I want you to speak English. You will have to learn a lot of new grammar, so take your learning process seriously.

I have created a course for beginners and a course for intermediate students. I have conducted experiments with students at my school. What I learned from this is that there are no complete beginners, so the course for beginners is not as quite as easy as you hope. I am sorry about that. All of my so-called beginners started speaking after three classes, and now I don’t believe that anyone is actually a complete beginner.

The English language is found in every sector of life. You cannot avoid it. Really, if you are using your computer, you use English (unless you are a Frenchman). As for the French, they also use many English words to speak about beauty and cosmetics.

And my last piece of advice: don’t be lazy. If you have any questions, you can ask them through any of my social networks. Also, find someone you can talk to in English.
This will be an awesome experience, and a great help for your first steps. Unfortunately, not everyone can wait for sixteen years to learn a new language. Take profit from these concise lessons. I created them with love, and hope to talk to you soon!

I wish you good luck and enjoyment!

Do you teach music or languages? Does he watch TV every Saturday evening?

As you can see, in questions we change the verb to do, but the main verb remains unchanged. The same thing happens when we use negatives:

No, I do not play the guitar every day.
No, he doesn’t study the theory at all!
We do not teach music, but we teach languages.
No, he does not watch TV on Saturday,
but he watches it on Monday.

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