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Animal Idioms: Dogs. Part 2

  • August 26, 2016
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Good new day to you, my dear subscribers!

I’m sure you’re already here to catch more Idioms about dogs.

Dogs are the most devoted and faithful to people.

Unfortunately, not everyone is taking care of his or her pets. Discover the new idioms and think about a different way of being concerned about your dearest dogs and puppies.

Let’s continue with the animal idioms, enjoy!

She won't be out of the doghouse until she apologizes.

  1. Turn tail = to run away from something scary.
  2. Better to be a live dog than a dead lion = it is better to be alive without success than to be successful, rich and dead.
  3. Gone to the dogs. = Something lost its normal qualities and gone wrong, broken.
  4. Put on the dog = to dress in a stylish and flamboyant manner
  5. As clean as a hound’s tooth = Spotless, clean.
  6. A shaggy dog story = a long and often prosaic story that is told as a bit of fun and often ends in a very silly or unexpected way
  7. In the doghouse = in discredit or disrepute, in trouble
  8. Raining cats and dogs. = Massive rainfall.
  9. Bark up the wrong tree = To choose the wrong way of action, to ask the wrong person.
  10.   Fight like cats and dogs = to argue and fight with someone (usually used for people who know each other).
  11.   You can’t teach an old dog new tricks = it ‘s hard for seniors to learn new things
  12.   One’s bark is worse than one’s bite = One’s words are worse than one’s actions.
  13.   As sick as a dog = Gravely ill.
  14.   Three dog night. = Freezing weather; referring to the number of dogs to cuddle up with to stay warm.
  15.   Dog and pony show = something that you disapprove of because you think that it has only been organized to surprise you.
  16.   Dog days of summer = The hottest weeks of summer, from early July to early August; this is also when Sirius, the Dog Star, rises and sets with the sun.
  17.   Lead a dog`s life = to lead a worthless life.
  18.   See a man about a dog = To leave for some purpose (most often to go to the washroom)

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