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Discover more finalists of the Grammar Contest 2011

  • October 3, 2011
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Visit these blogs to discover tips, tricks and entertaining linguistic facts from our contest finalists:

1. The Writing Resource
The Writing Resource covers all the hot topics, including controversial grammar issues and commonsense lessons to help writers and editors hone their skills. Designed by a hard-working editor for fellow writers and wordy professionals, this blog serves up thought-provoking posts, real-world advice and grammar lessons that are easy to digest.

2. A Clil To Climb
Created to help learners and teachers alike, a cLiL to cLiMB is an eclectic grammar blog covering language lessons, teaching tools, classroom activities and adjunct subjects like art, geography, math and Phys. Ed. After hitting the books, try the succulent brownies or soft chocolate mousse from the recipe section.

3. Apostrophe Catastrophes
The intrepid apostrophe is the continual subject of misuse and abuse, but never before has the plight of this poor punctuation mark seemed so funny. Apostrophe Catastrophes features humorous commentary and viewer-submitted photos of blatant apostrophe abuse from many points around the world.

4. Blog Rehab
Created by editor and master blogger Carol Zombo, a frequent contributor for, delivers grammar lessons and writing tips designed for bloggers. Sign up for Carol’s Writing Tips Newsletter for more tips and tricks for becoming a better writer, connecting with readers and creating a successful blog.

5. Be Your Own Editor
Manuscript editor and bestselling Amazon author Sigrid Macdonald shares her real-life tips and inside info on writing and prepping a book for publication. Be Your Own Editor covers punctuation issues, grammar lessons, writing techniques, humorous homonyms, proofing, polishing and promotion all with a lighthearted and positive approach.

6. Words by Bob
Words by Bob explores the complexities, idiosyncrasies and ironies of funny words, common words and words that hardy anyone knows. This lighthearted exploration of language is focused on helping readers learn and laugh at the same time. Discover phobias, -ologies of all kinds and common words with remarkably humorous alternate definitions.

7. Sentence First
Broadcasting out of Ireland, Sentence First is a comprehensive grammar blog and linguistic resource created by scientist, writer and editor Stan Carey. Sentence First includes a lovely compilation of etymology, literature, the history of words, grammar, word use, spontaneous book-mash poetry and linguistic data from Twitter.

8. Grammar Police a.k.a. Grammar Cops
Grammar safety is the number-one priority at the Grammar Police a.k.a. Grammar Cops, and they are enlisting your help to find flagrant grammar mistakes. Living up to their motto “we find it, you fix it,” the Grammar Police publicizes grammar goofs and explains the rules, so they don’t happen again.

9. The Diacritics
Accomplished linguistic majors and current law students John Stokes and Sandeep Prasanna share their global insight on language in their captivating grammar blog. Although the two diacritics, John and Sandeep, are graduates of Harvard and Duke respectively, their accessible posts are designed to inspire fellow students and foster a love of language.

10. Words Between The Spaces
Created by a professional copy editor, Words Between The Spaces shares useful tidbits, humorous observations, amusing musings and helpful tips with a real-world approach and a quirky T-shirt that plays into the theme of each post. Visit Between The Spaces and discover why spaces and punctuation marks are as important as the words themselves.

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