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Halfway to the finish!

  • October 10, 2011
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We have reached the halfway point in our contest to determine the Best Grammar Blog of 2011 according to, and time is of the essence. Contest finalists have less than two weeks to promote their entries and get in their final votes for a chance to win one of three awesome prizes.

All votes must be received by October 17, 2011, so make sure your readers and friends vote for your entry soon. The three winners will be announced on or before October 27th. Winners will be able to buy a new Kindle, tons of e-books or anything their heart desires with one of our spectacular prizes, including:

$250 Amazon Gift Certificate
Badge: “Winner of Best Grammar Blog of 2011”
An infographic designed just for you.

$150 Amazon Gift Certificate
Badge: “Second Runner-up of Best Grammar Blog of 2011”

$100 Amazon Gift Certificate
Badge: “Third Runner-up of Best Grammar Blog of 2011”

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the contest up to this point. We wish all our finalists good luck and hope the contest brings new traffic and readers your way. Here are a few outstanding grammar blogs that have made it into the finals. We hope you have a few minutes to check them out:
Mr. Rewrite explores grammar errors, hyphenation horrors and humorous mistakes found in advertisements, on signs and across the web. No one is immune to this critic’s critique of egregious errors, stylebook rules and everyday mistakes that Mr. Rewrite manages to find virtually every day.
Created by a veteran English teacher, A Journey in TEFL explores innovative learning techniques for students studying English as a first language. A Journey in TEFL covers games, rhymes, songs and inventive teaching techniques that make learning English fun.
Dougtionary is a self-described fake-word-of-the-day blog and contest longshot, but we beg to differ. If you’ve ever suffered from a yangover or a bad case of parkolepsy, you can confirm it on Dougtionary. Add your word rating and check whether you’re at risk for POMicide before you leave.
Educational activist Marisa Constantinides is dedicated to teaching and training fellow educators as well as organizing and uniting the ELT community. In her blog, TEFL Matters, Constantinides shares info about using digital learning tools, private learning networks and technology to increase learning opportunities and teacher interaction.
Friendly grammar fanatic Legbamel shares fascinating facts, need-to-know information and answers to common questions in her no-nonsense blog, One Step Forward. Legbamel explains proper pronoun use, compound adjectives, the difference between discreet and discrete or revelry and reverie along with common words like recap that came from multisyllabic parents.
Designed to help her students, The English You Need is chock full of exercises, video learning aids, sing-along materials, audio lessons, graphics and digital tools. This grammar compendium created by English teacher Patricia Pérez Miguel has everything kids need to master the tenses, expand their vocabulary and learn conversational English.
Anne Hodgson is the resident Grammar Guru of The Island Weekly and the online learning site The Beautiful Islands. Hodgson is determined to banish those common conundrums and grammar dilemmas once and for all with bite-sized lessons, multiple choice questions and fill-in the blank options that cover many common language and usage issues.
The Punctuator! collects photos of apostrophe catastrophes, abominable grammar errors, misspellings, and linguistic atrocities that are plastered onto public signs. In this lighthearted grammar blog, the humorous Punctuator! shares a diverse variety of common grammar errors collected for our mirth, merriment and education.

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