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Homework: Rats and Mice Idioms

  • September 5, 2016
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Hey there! I hope that you’ve had a good time this weekend! Today is our first working day. Are you ready for more homework today?

Previously we’ve learned the idioms about Rats and Mice. This day we’re working on the revision of our new idioms that you’re supposed to look through and remember.

The more exercise and praxis we do, the more we can remember. As I’ve already said before Practice makes perfect. It really does, believe me or this proverb as it was tested in practice.


  1. In the exercise below you should insert the needed idiom:
  2. Do never give him money! He isn’t _____, he isn’t poor at all!
  3. We have to be ______ so as not to wake up our guests.
  4. Don’t try to ____ with me! It’s not easy to control me, I’m out of there.
  5. Linda, do you believe our kids? I know ____, and they may destroy the new wooden furniture we’ve bought recently.
  6. Andy, our team has got a _____: you’ve given our plans to your friend from the police.
  7. Years past and the grandmother has become a true ____. Her family doesn’t know how to persuade her to throw away at least some of the old things that are left from her dead husband.
  8. Every day ordinary people continue their _______, routine: go to work, drink coffee, and don’t look through the window. Hey, wake up! Look outside: there’s so many beautiful and extraordinary things to notice daily.
  9. Fannie felt _______, when she decided to quit her job when the company was having financial problems.
  10.   Jim likes ______ everyone. The classmates strongly dislike him.
  11.   Oops! I seem to having ___ the news of your wedding to Kate.
  12.   Oh! ____! How could you have done that?
  13.   Honey, we should imagine some other way to ask our sun to clean his room: there are a lot of _____ there.
  14.   Do they have another plan? ____, and they have taken too much to be arrested right now.
  15.   This is _____, such silliness…
  16.   Do anyone know how to change the interests of a ____? I hate when everyone is stuck in the computer world!
  17.   This affair ______. Rob doesn’t trust the explantation she gave to him.
  18.   Stay calm. _____. You can easily solve your problem without such extreme measures.

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