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Top 22 Idioms about Joy and Happiness

  • August 22, 2016
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Today I woke up and thought that I was traveling in the sea. That were just the clouds up in the sky that looked like water waves.

Definitely, it’s so beautiful here, on the Earth, haven’t you noticed?

As for me, I believe that being happy and thankful is a must for everyone who woke up this very day! Or tomorrow, or the next day, or the yesterday. Guys, you just have to be glad about this fact.

We’ll study the new idioms today: the subject is joy and happiness. I tried to list them alphabetically. Sorry, I gave up.

Who is a Happy camper too?

Look through the new expressions to learn now:

  1. A joy to behold
    Meaning: a thing or experience that creates a profound sense of pleasure or elation in the spectator
  2. Be full of the joys of spring (humorous)
    Meaning: to be jubilant.
  3. Be in a transport of delight/joy
    Meaning: to feel extremely happy or pleased
  4. Bundle of joy (=bundle from heaven)
    Meaning: a newborn baby
  5. Burst with joy (for one)
    Meaning: to be full to the bursting point with happiness.
  6. Buzzing

    Meaning: excited for something that’s going to happen
  7. Leap for joy (=jump for joy)
    Meaning: to jump up because one is happy; to be euphoric, show exceptional excitement
  8. Pride and joy
    Meaning: something or someone that one is very proud of.
  9. Weep for joy
    Meaning: to cry out of happiness
  10.   On cloud nine
    Meaning: a person who is on cloud nine is overjoyed because something wonderful has happened.
  11.   Like a dog with two tails
    Meaning: to be elated.
  12.   Grin from ear to ear
    Meaning: to look very satisfied and smiling.
  13.   Grin like a Cheshire cat
    Meaning: when one has a smile on his face being happy with something.
  14.   Happy camper
    Meaning: to be content or satisfied with what is happening in the life and to have no complaints.
  15.   Happy as a flea in a doghouse
    Meaning: to be euphoric and contented.
  16.   Happy as Larry
    Meaning: to be delighted.
  17.   Happy-go-lucky
    Meaning: to be cheerful and carefree all the time.
  18.   Having a whale of a time

    Meaning: to have a very good time, have an exciting or fun time
  19.   On top of the world

    Meaning: to feel ecstatic, enjoy great health, success.
  20.   Over the moon

    Meaning: extremely pleased and happy
  21.   In seventh heaven
in a very happy state
  22.   Walking on air
    Meaning: to be merry, to feel like you are floating on air.

Which phrases do you use in your everyday life? What are new for you? Provide us with some examples.


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