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Apostrophes. New Homework

  • May 31, 2016
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These series of classes started thanks to the most active English learners from our blog. They asked me to give a little wider explanation with examples and to write a lot of exercises to help each of us to practice and remember more.


We will study the grammar with Infographics and new possibilities to use your new knowledge.


I’ll give you lots of exercises as you asked me to, and the next day I’ll write the answers for them. Usually, you waited to get the answers, but this time, most of my students want to have the correct answers as soon as possible.


Let’s start with the new Homework!

Have you learnt the rules of this thing_ '

1) Make contractions in the following examples:

  • I am a student at the best University = I’m a student at the best University
  • You are my friend from school
  • He is our teacher of French
  • They are people from another country
  • We are talking about weather in Scotland
  • She would better go to a party than to the museum
  • It has got a new meaning
  • I would prefer walking somewhere to staying at home for the weekend
  • Let us be kind to people
  • He will do his best to achieve his goal
  • We have done well
  • It has been a great experience
  • I will try again tomorrow
  • You are not going to do this
  • Please, do not prompt your friends, they should work by themselves
  • It is my favorite toy
  • That is the flower garden
  • Could not you call me back in ten minutes
  • We will work on this project later
  • I am traveling to the South
  • You will know it better after more praxis
  • She was not in time
  • They will not wait for us
  • He is sorry about that
  • She did not come by bus
  • It will be clearer after few months
  • Do not you know what to say in this situation
  • I will not do a lot of work today
  • You should come at my place at 17 o’clock
  • He has got a chance today
  • She is our new boss
  • They will do more exercises if they have enough time
  • He is standing there
  • I have done everything by myself
  • You would have better results

2) Change the examples to show the possession:

  • This is a car of my father = This is my father’s car
  • He’s a friend of George
  • She’s the leader of the team
  • It’s the book of my child
  • It’s a dress of our mother
  • I can’t stand the noise making by those builders
  • This is a laptop of a student
  • That’s the best idea of John
  • Tomorrow is the birthday of my brother
  • I’d prefer to stay at the house of my parents today
  • What is designed for women is called women__
  • What is the project of your team
  • This is a toy of my dog
  • I like the fur of my cat
  • That the umbrella of my sister
  • Do you like the suit of my husband
  • That is the house of Molly
  • She’d say that her home is better than the home of her parents
  • Ah, that’s a new program of Alfred
  • Please, don’t try to play all the games of the children
  • Sorry, but you won’t have time to choose the needed dress, the part for women of our shop will be closed soon
  • I like the hairdo of Jenny
  • Whose car you prefer: the car of Leila or the car of Mary?
  • Have you learned the rules of apostrophes?

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