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English for Intermediate Students: Lesson 14

  • May 25, 2016
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Total Recall 2. Verbs with “ing.”

Today is a great day to continue the subject of the verbs.

Let’s recollect the lesson on verbs with “ing.” I’ll add some more verbs to the old list, including new verbal expressions. Everything to make my students take to English like a duck to water!

Some of the following verbs use both the infinitive and gerund form after them.

Be careful with “love,” “like,” and “can’t bear” which are used in both cases!

Verbs + Verb + ingAs for me, I practise using “ing” whenever possible. The main idea of the English language, I discovered, is to simplify the pronunciation and spelling, for example, “it’s” instead of “it is” and so forth. Just as that is quicker in speech, it’s also faster and more natural-sounding to use “ing” than to say “to,” so I choose this variant when the grammar rules permit.

Please, note: these lessons – 13 and 14 – don’t contain homework. This doesn’t mean that you should look them through and forget them. The idea is to recall the information that you have used before when speaking English.

admit avoid can’t bear can’t stand
carry on consider delay deny
dislike enjoy fancy finish
give up go on hate imagine
keep keep on like love
mind miss postpone practise
put off regret risk stop


  • Admit: Now she admits taking my car.
  • Avoid: You should avoid speaking to strangers.
  • Can’t bear: We can’t bear talking to people.
  • Can’t stand: She can’t stand working at night.
  • Carry on: They carried on talking when the listener left.
  • Consider: Consider revising the exercise, please.
  • Delay: I’m afraid of voyages, so I always try to delay going somewhere.
  • Deny: He denies stealing my purse!
  • Dislike: I dislike sitting in front of the TV when I can take a walk.
  • Enjoy: He enjoys collecting
  • Fancy: I don’t fancy getting married this year.
  • Finish: You have to finish cleaning your room.
  • Give up: Please, give up smoking!
  • Go on: Go on speaking, I don’t mind.
  • Hate: I hate doing homework!
  • Imagine: Can you imagine him walking out with Mary?
  • Keep: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
  • Keep on: Keep on working with the English language, and you will succeed.
  • Like: I like doing homework!
  • Love: Yes, it’s actually true: I love doing homework!
  • Mind: Do you mind me opening the window?
  • Miss: Don’t tell me that you miss doing homework!
  • Postpone: Why do you always postpone meeting your friends?
  • Practise: If you practise singing, you may become a cool singer.
  • Put off: We put off going to the doctor. We should have gone straight away.
  • Regret: They regret working in the wrong team.
  • Risk: You risk falling in love with the wrong person.
  • Stop: Stop approaching right now! Don’t walk any further!


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