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English for Intermediate Students: Lesson 13

  • May 24, 2016
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Total Recall. Verbs with “to.”

Have you ever made any mistakes in your life? What would you like to do in order to prevent this in future?

One of my own errors was the belief that if a student works well enough, he should know everything I taught him before.

Recently, one of my students was talking complete nonsense, even though he was sure he was right. That was my fault, too; I should have noticed his ignorance before.Verb +to

That is why I want to plug the topic of verbs with “to” and with “ing.” It’s important enough to revise it again. I want my students to learn and practice their knowledge!


The first subject for today is verb with “to.” Here is the complete list of such verbs including:

  • verb+infinitive
  • verb+object+infinitive.


The list looks long, but please, don’t be afraid:

appear arrange dare
enable encourage expect
explain fail force
forget get help
hope invite know
learn mean offer
order permit persuade
plan pretend promise
recommend refuse tend
threaten understand warn


For example

  • Advise: What would you advise me to do about changing my haircut? – I’d advise you to come back another day to visit our best expert.
  • Afford: Can you afford to live in the capital?
  • Agree: She agreed to do go with me.
  • Allow: If your friend allows you to eat all the sweets, he may be unaware that you ate everything from the fridge,
  • Ask: Ask me to deal with it, and I
  • Decide: He decided to visit the dentist.
  • Remember: Remember to feed the pets and water the plants every day.
  • Seem: You seemed to be drunk; then you explained that you were tired.
  • Show: Please, show me how to make batter.
  • Teach: We taught you to start a business. The next step is yours.
  • Tell: Please tell me when to turn left on the road.
  • Want: They want to go to the US. Their parents are not sure they can afford that trip.
  • Would like: He would like to learn to swim.
  • Would prefer: I would prefer to study much more.

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