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Who made this mess? English for Beginners, Lesson 6. Homework

  • January 4, 2016
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Are you ready for the homework?

1) Write the following sentences in the past:

  • I do my homework every day. Yesterday _______________.
  • You always make a lot of noise! But yesterday ____________.
  • He washes his dog after walk. ________________________.
  • She comes in time every Monday.________________________.
  • We never forget text of our speech.
  • You think a lot about what may happen.
  • They paint one room per day. For example, yesterday _________.Homewok 6

2) Ask questions:

  • I thought about this in the morning. What did you __________?
  • We liked the film with Morgan Freeman. Why ___________?
  • You watched the news today. When ____________________?
  • I had many friends when I was young. ___________________?
  • They did everything they could to win. ___________________?
  • He forgot to read the story for the class of yesterday. __________?
  • She knew how to explain the rule to him. ___________________?
  • Frank Sinatra called Ray Charles “the only true genius in show business”._____________?

3) Compose the sentences using the following verbs in the past simple:

die wash read be give have cut know come do make go put catch

  • I ___ the cards on the table. That _____ the moment of truth. Everyone ______ I was the winner.
  • We ______ to work hard to achieve this goal, but now we are here.
  • She ________ her hair, and now she looks laughable with such hairdo.
  • Yesterday he _________ the book about our solar system and he learned who _____ to say that the Sun did not rotate around the Earth.
  • They _____ in time as usual. And we were not ready for them as usual.
  • You ____ me one more chance, and I did everything right. Thank you.
  • ____ you _____ breakfast? Yes, I ____ it.
  • It was extremely difficult, but finally, they _____ their parrot.
  • He ____ his hair once again. I guess, he would be bold next month.
  • Last week we ______ to the theater. All my students liked the play.

Find out the information from the lesson 6 here.

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