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English for Beginners: Lesson 3

  • June 1, 2021
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Today we will learn the verb to be in the present tense.
Let’s look through its conjugation:


I am

= I’m
You are = You’re
We are = We’re
They are = They’re
She is = She’s
He is = He’s
It is = It’s


When do we use the verb to be? When we want to describe our feelings, our opinion, state of health, our job, our age, and to name different qualities as colour and size.



Introducing yourself and your friend. Talking about qualities of people and things:

I am a teacher.
I am 22. This is my friend.
His name is Brad; unfortunately he is not Brad Pitt, but that is okay.
Brad is an office manager. He is very happy, because today it is his birthday.
You are the best of the best ESL speakers! You are inquisitive.
We are young. We are free. We are healthy.
They are tall. They are students. They are bright.
He is my friend. He’s rich. He is intelligent. He is nice.
She is your sister. She’s beautiful. She is smart.
It is time to study English.



Making purchases:

This coat is lovely.

These apples are too expensive!

It is too big.
I want to buy a smaller one.

Look at this bunch of flowers!
I want to buy one. How much is this?

It is usually $5, but for you,
it is only $3.

Looks like you don’t want to buy anything,
but what is this about?



Asking questions; making negative and positive answers.

Am I a doctor? No, I’m not.
Are we tired? No, we aren’t tired.
Are you my student? No, you are not (aren’t).
Are you sure about this answer? No, I am not.
Are they strong? No, they are not.
Is he kind? No, he isn’t (is not).
Is she your girlfriend? No, she is not.
Is it a cat or a dog? It is a fox, it is neither a dog, nor a cat.
What is this? This is my toy.
Where is my key? It is on your sofa.
Who is that man there? He is the brother of the businessman we met yesterday.
How old are you? I am 22, and you?
How are you? I am fine, I feel much better, thank you.

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