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We choose the profession of the ESL teacher

  • August 23, 2016
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Recently one of my students asked me if he also can be a teacher later. My answer was “yes.”

Now I decided to write more about it.

You can become an English teacher; you can do it!

From this day you should start improving your English language.

  • The best thing you can do to improve your English speaking and grammar is by practicing them.
  • Watch movies or series, listen to the speech there; listen to the radio texts.
  • Repeat after the speakers: the more you repeat, the better your accent will be.

Mom, I wanna be a teacher!

  • Write, using the spell and grammar checkers, when you see the mistake, check the information about it, learn the rule, practice it.
  • You also can visit English grammar blogs to find the information you need. I’d advise Grammar Newsletter as its writer. There are a lot of websites you can visit to study English grammar and speaking, for example, The Mixer or English speaking.

I’m an ESL speaker and ESL teacher, and I think that anyone can do it.

P.S. Just for your information, there are more English linguists among non-native speakers.

If you’ve already made a decision, you should start a little new way of studies. If you want to be a tutor, teacher, coach, anyone from the list, you should understand the consequences.

  • The central part of the new learning is that you never stop. That’s about being a teacher.

I guess it may concern any profession, though the difference is in the speed of constant learning. It may be yearly, monthly, weekly, even daily if your sphere is developing so fast.

  • Next point in your daily schedule is to follow the pedagogical classes, also for the lifelong term. Sometimes the old method works, sometimes the new one. The result should always be one and the same: you have to find the approach for each student, for his abilities of learning.
  • One more thing to do: be patient, pass the psychologist test that you’re OK and healthy.
  • And finally the last step: Wake up with the best happiest mood ever every day! It’s a must for a teacher who wants his/her students learn and grow.

P.P.S. They won’t say thank you. Just accept it; the best gratitude for you will be when you see your students understand or have the “Aha moment.”

So, I wish you good luck and more patience.


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