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Add fun to your English classes

  • August 4, 2016
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How do you think, how much fun should be present in school classes?

Definitely, there shouldn’t be an uncontrolled circus at school, though the teacher has to be creative and be able to keep in check all the supernatural activities of his students all in one.

Meanwhile, he should organize the life in his classroom based on relaxed and pleasant mood.

Sometimes there can be some pupils that do not like your subject or your teaching methods. Yes, this is a big deal as we have to work out the consequences.

All about FUN

As for me, I try to prevent the situation when a student isn’t involved as I always ask why my student would like to learn a new language. When I know the reason, I can make my class interesting to each particular learner.

If he/she doesn’t know why and refuses to communicate, I just add more fun and engagement to our learning process.

There are the cases when a student wants to study maths while the parents force him/her to learn English. The most difficult thing here is to make the student feel comfortable if there are any mistakes without the personal goal to learn this material.

So I try to do my best in my teaching process. We reschedule our classes; we may overtime our studies if I can see that I won the confidence of my pupil.

Most of the times when my student isn’t engaged in exploring the language, I change my strategy.

We play, we discover new things that concern English only in perspective of fun and amusement. In such a way we start progressing together with my students who didn’t want to learn before.

It’s a great pleasure for me to see how my pupils grow their knowledge without noticing. When they detect changes, they may be either happy or consider the changes as a surprising gift.

This is how the story goes in my classroom, but there’s always something to change or to add.

The best advice I can give for a beginning teacher is to relax, to be always ready with our infographics, and not to worry too much.

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