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English for Intermediate students. Lesson 3, Homework

  • February 16, 2016
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Good morning/afternoon/evening! 

My dear students, I want to apologize for my long absence. I guess that I had had the flu. For one month I did not feel well, and I frequented the hospital.

The last week, when I felt worse, I decided to meet one of my students who is a medical doctor now. She examined me thoroughly, and she gave me a strange piece of advice. She said that I had to have a walk every day; I had to make pauses every half an hour when I use my laptop. I could not believe. However, I tried.

What I would like to advise you is to have a walk at least once a day, for 20 minutes minimum. Just give it a try. You can have a walk after or before your English homework. I hope that my easy homework won’t take more than half an hour, and you could see something else, but not your computers.

Finally, let’s start with your exercises!Homework 3 part 1

Change to Present Perfect (some of my phrases are not used in correct grammar; I have written them as an example):

  • We are three years passed by. – We have been students for three years now.
  • I did a lot of things.
  • Did they find the umbrella?
  • She had walked there before us.
  • You had tried everything.

Change to Present Perfect Continuous:

  • I was studying for two hours. – I have been studying for two hours.
  • We were talking without any break during the whole day!
  • You are waving hand to the crowd of strangers.
  • She is looking through the window.
  • They were creating new projects.

Change the sentences to Past Perfect:

  • She has done her exercises. – She had done her exercises.
  • We have trained a lot!
  • They have done many exercises.
  • I haven’t come to their place.
  • Have you thought about that case?

Change the sentences to Past Perfect Continuous:

  • They have been dancing. – They had been dancing.
  • I have been swimming in the pool.
  • You have been talking to me.
  • She has been changing her dresses.
  • We have been walking in the garden.

Find out the grammar for this lesson here.

You will find more exercises and more practice here.

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