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Comic strips and the sheep in the countryside!

  • September 29, 2016
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Good Grammar and Vocabulary day to you!

Thanks to the Anglish (English) comic strips by Mike Franklin we can make our vocabulary grow easily and quickly enough!

We learn new notions that are made through the mnemonics technique: the division of difficult words into parts for better recalling. The best remembering process occurs when the idea or picture that you create in your head is strange or fun – just as the comic strips are.

Also, I give you the list of the words that compose your mnemonic devices to learn more at once. You know, I believe that the more intensive your work is, the more profit you will get from it. My piece of advice for you is to give it a try and not give up now!

countryside sheep

Don’t forget that the comic strips are fun: laugh and enjoy your new Grammar and Vocabulary day!

  1. Do ewe re member the thyme when this pad dock was full of sheep who be came nights meet for us?
  2. Of course – a bout sicks tee years a go I sup pose. Nigh seating then.
  3. Butt now as wee no, meet is not sew high lee re guarded fore con sump shun.

Have you got the meaning? Again: read slowly, step by step and you’ll go there. Next, pronounce the phrase and think about the homonyms that you can hear.

For example, re member, the thyme, pad dock, be came, meet, a bout, sicks tee years a go, as we no. Do you hear the right words? Now it’s your turn!

Let’s study some words deeper:

  • Ewe [yoo; yoh] is a female sheep, completely mature.
  • You [yoo; yuh] is a pronoun of the second person (singular, plural).
  • Thyme [tahym; thahym] is a flower of the mint family. By the way, this aromatic herb is used in cooking for seasoning, and the dish tastes awesome with it. Somewhere in India, they use the thyme for healing cough and headache.
  • Time [tahym] is the particular system used in measuring the passage of time; some limited period, distinct interval.
  • Meet [meet] is the verb that we use when we get acquainted with someone (nice to meet you!); when we come into the presence; when we face someone with no choice of avoidance.
  • Meat [meet] is the flesh of animals used for food; the edible part of anything (fruit); the essential point of an idea, work, dispute (the meat of their argument is their love towards the same girl.)

Did you like the central idea of our exercise? Keep going, and discover more notions and lexis that will certainly be necessary for you!

P.S. Thanks to and for their transcriptions and definitions!

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