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Animal Idioms. Homework 2

  • August 31, 2016
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Good morning/afternoon/evening!

My dear students, I hope that you are used to a lot of information and homework that I give you daily.

We’re approaching the school period in quantum leaps: tomorrow it’s already September! Usually, but not everywhere, people go to school this month. The parents run around thinking what else they should purchase. Children change their smiles to intense faces.

Hey, everything is okay now! And the same everything will be all right, not at once but for sure it will.

I want you to be always motivated to study. You’re not obliged to study English, learn new grammar tips and tricks, and do your homework, though I’d try to persuade you to do all this stuff for your own good.

So, we start to getting used to do homework on a regular basis. Today it’s the second part of the idioms about dogs.

Like the previous time you insert the needed phrase in the blanks, and, of course, learn the idioms by heart.

You don't want to Lead a dog's life. So, do something to change it!

  1. Emma has never wanted to have any houseman at hers. I would have never guessed that her flat, _____, was cleaned up by herself!
  2. When the children saw the birthday gift, they _____. Why? There was nothing to be afraid of, except their father in the gorilla costume.
  3. Jennet thought that her microwave has ______, and threw it away.
  4. Mark considered the situation, and decided that it’s _________. Yesterday some people with guns made him sell the idea for nothing. This time, he lost, but it’s not his last try.
  5. Andrew has made a lot of efforts to _______. Unfortunately, Nadine hasn’t noticed that there was some style in his new suit.
  6. This time, Alfred invited both Peter and Manny. He knew that they hate each other and were going to ________. Maybe he decided he’d have a bit of fun.
  7. When Francis comes at the party, everyone is always ready for his new _____. His narrative is always long, though it’s interesting to listen to the end.
  8. Tell me, why Alex is ________ again? What did he do this time?
  9. We’d better stay at home, it’s ________.
  10.   Sorry, you _______. I don’t have any information on your subject.
  11.   Have they told you that ________? Okay, look at me: I’m 87 years old, and I’ve got full marks in an examination!
  12.   Mary has always preferred to spend the ________ abroad or at the seaside. It’s too hot for her to stay at home.
  13.   Don’t listen to her. She’s just angry now. ____________. Don’t take it personally.
  14.   I’ll ________. By the way, where’s the washroom here?
  15.   Henry looks _______. His mother will take care of him while we’ll call the doctor.
  16.   Ugh, it’s cold! It’s going to be a _______. Should we kindle a fire?
  17.   There was nothing to make him amused, every try seemed for him a ______.
  18.   Stop _____! You deserve better results!

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