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Reading Tips for College Students

  • May 15, 2020
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Books are a strong source of information, including information for the study, but not all people love reading. If you are also not that type of person, library researching can be hard for you. First of all, because if you do not read often, you do not read fast. And you don’t have time to learn how to do it faster. So, it is more effective to use helpful reading tips.

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#1 View and evaluate the book outside

Let`s model such a situation: you think about buying a new house or automobile. You have already seen some options on the Internet and decide to watch it live. Imagine, that you are in place, what are you going to do next?

Obviously, you will take a look at the house or auto outside at once to verify that this is what you wanted to get. You will be walking around it, watching all walls and elements. And in your mind, you will compare what you see now with what you have seen online. Having made sure that everything outside suits you, you will start detailed inspecting the internal state.

The same method you should apply when you look for a book to study. Before you start reading the tutorial, you need to make sure if this is the tutorial that fits your requirements.

Check the name of the book, the name of its author, and the year of publication. Does the title correspond to the topic of your research, is the author authority in this subject area, is the publication new enough?

#2 Quick look at the content

So, let’s say that you decided the tutorial meets your requirements. Then it is time to examine it more closely. Quickly browse the contents. Dwell on particular words and sentences that interests you most. After such a review of the content, you will be able to understand whether it is related to the topic that you need.

#3 Scrolling Text

Scrolling through the text is, in fact, a very quick scan, and useful to those can give you an overall picture of the content of the text. During the process, read only the headings and subheadings of paragraphs, also you can obtain a little information from the first sentence of them.

#4 Use the Special Algorithm

Each chapter of the scientific literature usually consists of an introduction, several subsections, and a conclusion. An introduction is necessary to interest you and make you read the entire chapter. Therefore, you can skip it, limiting yourself to the last paragraph, which contains the main idea. Examples, illustrations, and clarifications, if you are in a hurry, you can also skip.

The algorithm below allows you to beat a 240-page volume in two hours:

1. Define the purpose of reading. That is how you can understand how deeply immersed in the text you need.
2. See the table of contents. Evaluate how clear the structure of the author’s thoughts is, and select the chapters necessary to achieve your goal.
3. Break chapters into blocks. Set clear timelines that you must keep within reading each chapter. Given your reading speed, figure out how much of the chapter you have time to read. The main thing is to try to understand even from a small amount of text what the author wanted to say.

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