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What makes English a simple language?

  • September 21, 2016
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I’d say that English is simple but complicated. Can you see my point?

We’re happy to learn it quickly, almost with no effort.

[If someone told me before such a brave and silly thing, I’d refuse this information at once!

When I was a kid I was thinking out the variants of finding my English teacher in the dark alley or blackmailing her in order to know how comes that she speaks this language and I don’t. Now I’ve changed my opinion.]

What makes English a simple language?

This is not an inflectional language. Are you already happy or not yet? We don’t modify the verb endings in each person, only in the third person singular.

We can create new words on the flow of the speech. Imagine that you don’t know the word “simple” but you’re familiar with prefixes and use the word “uncomplicated” instead.

We don’t have such number of articles as in French: un/le, une/la, des/les +particle article as de la/du/des/de l’, etc.

Okay, we know that “the table” is supposed to be of feminine gender, but we do not mention this fact each time we say “a table” or “the table.”

The most difficult thing in the English language is that plenty of exceptions to the rules. Yes, this isn’t as comprehensive as you might have hoped.

Still, I will repeat the English is clear. I’m an ESL speaker and teacher, and I assure you that with some effort and persistence, you will speak English in a few months.

If you’re a native English speaker, you may object the idea of a huge number of the foreigners who come to your English-speaking countries (yes, in plural!). They talk to you using your native dialect, ask questions about the road or direction. Then they study in the English-speaking Universities, and (oh my!) work in your city!

When I was younger, I felt nativist. Green and stupid.

Now I understand it in a different way: if people come to my country, learn my language this should mean that my speech is popular and widely used.

Besides at the present moment, we live in an almost friendly and cosmopolitan world. In this world the English language is widespread, and we can be proud of and pleased with this fact.

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