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English for Beginners, Lesson 9. Homework

  • January 13, 2016
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I wouldn’t like to disappoint your expectations, so I give you more homework; but as always, take it easy.

As the Future tense that we have learned is Simple, I would like to make a big revision of the grammar that you’ve studied. Let me help you to revise what we have learned.

1) Choose the right tense:


  • Present perfect
  • Present continuous
  • Present simple
  • Past simple
  • Future simple


  1. You have to do it!
  2. I am not going to the theater.
  3. Will you look after our child when we are away?
  4. She won’t read the whole book; she will just look through to find the answer.
  5. We’ve already agreed about the work, don’t worry.
  6. They did a lot of exercises, and now they are stronger.
  7. Don’t you believe me?
  8. He’s not walking; he’s working.
  9. They are studying new grammar rules.Homework 9

2) Correct the mistakes:

  1. I don want to do exercises every day!
  2. Will you gone to New Zealand?
  3. They haven’t their cards; they have got only bus tickets.
  4. He’s work at the moment; could you please call him back in one hour?
  5. I think, he is going to be available at 14.15.
  6. We wil try harder to accomplish our goals.
  7. Have she done her homework? Yes, I think so, she am not a lazy person.
  8. It is make more noise now.
  9. The shop is opening at 9.00 every day.
  10. He is on the point of shout about this mistake!
  11. And my friend is about to crying because of it.

3) Make up sentences:


  1. When are you
  2. I will travel
  3. Will you
  4. I think, I
  5. The cinema
  6. She is about
  7. He’s on the point


  1. to sing a song! Let’s listen.
  2. around the world next summer.
  3. help me?
  4. will go. I’m tired.
  5. of falling unconscious! Open the windows!
  6. going to the University?
  7. opens at 11 o’clock.

4) Insert the correct form of the verb:

walking, going to, dreaming, did, will, have been, smiling, have got, will have, won’t.

  1. Do you think it ___ work? No, I think ______.
  2. Where is he? He is ______ somewhere, I don’t know where for sure.
  3. Are you _________ stand up? I need to replace your chair.
  4. She is still _________ about the past. Poor woman.
  5. _____ we ____ take our tickets?
  6. _____ you organize that crazy party yesterday?
  7. They _______ to California for two weeks now.
  8. You are _______ in such a beautiful way!
  9. They ________ what they want if they don’t quit.

5) Don’t forget to relax and have fun! After doing your homework.

Find out the information from the previous lesson here.

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