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Verbs and their prepositions. Exercises

  • July 27, 2016
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Today we’ve studied (revised for some of my students) the verbs and their prepositions.

What I want you to do is to learn this grammar. The best way to remember something is to apply a new knowledge to the work (homework in our case.)

I wish you good luck, and attention while doing the exercises.

Insert the needed preposition to the blanks:

  1. I agree ____ Frankie.
  2. He introduces me ___ his friends.
  3. While we were talking about that crime, he suddenly turned ____.
  4. Anna is worried ____ a new hairdo.
  5. Chicken concentrate ___ insects when they cannot find grain.
  6. Kittens are fond ___ games.
  7. Children look _____ to holidays.
  8.   We ran ___ of pie, so we ate chocolates.
  9.   I decided to throw ___ the offer of going to the restaurant.
  10.   After dinner, I put ___ doing the dishes and read the book instead.
  11.   Henry could break ____ his new car.
  12.   Use that meatloaf ___ so it doesn’t sit in the fridge for a week.
  13.   You can get ____ with not knowing the phrasal verb if you pay close attention to the rest of the sentence.
  14.   The new software is working ___ quite well.
  15.   You should turn ____ this job offer.
  16.   When I saw that chicken eat a bug, it almost brought ___ my breakfast.
  17.   Don’t wake me ___!


Correct the mistakes in the following phrases:

The best way for you to practice even more is to try to understand the meaning of the phrases before correcting the mistakes!

  1. The news got of that John and Sheila had got married.
  2. Throw down your new dress, if it’s not your size.
  3. You will come away tomorrow after your holiday in Spain, won’t you?
  4. The car broke around because of you!
  5. I am looking for Friday.
  6. Fill out these papers, please.
  7. Turn the lights forward; it is not dark.
  8. Take over your coat; it is warm inside.
  9. Look at! He may fall!
  10.   We need to go up our expenses once again.
  11.   Think to what your friend told you.
  12.   She promised to come down and see us.
  13.   The project fell on, and she couldn’t repair anything.
  14.   Children, it’s time to get along.

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