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To tell the truth about English learning

  • August 12, 2016
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Let me tell about myself. May I?

The best pleasure for me as an ESL speaker and teacher is to use my language skills. I find great enjoyment in this: I meet new people, I make friends. Depending on the country where I’m currently living I may take my friends to sightseeing or they do so.

Thanks to this cultural exchange all of us learn new thing about the country or city we visit, its history, and art too.

What I want to suggest is to take profit of my experience. I can almost see you enthusiastically chatter with your new friends!

1. Drink English Tea

Today I’m going to put my cards on the table. I’m excited and willing to give you the benefit of experience.

How I learn English every day

  • I started to learn the English language at school; it wasn’t easy to get the information from our teacher while his strict requirements weren’t easy to meet.
  • So I found a tutor who’d show the beauty of the language and train my brain to work fast, doing it correctly, and prepare me to the University studies. The first step was done, my learning has continued.
  • Next, before going to the faculty of the foreign languages, I was blessed with meeting my future husband who also was studying English. I guess this has made a significant impact on my love towards English learning.
  • Please, pay attention, the main issue you can find at the University is that your teacher isn’t running after you ready to answer all of the stupid or smart questions you may ask.
  • The fourth footstep in my adventure was even more challenging than at the high school. I was almost alone with my diploma and free from the pressure of studies!
  • Now I understand that only after that period in my life my real learning process has begun. I was seeking for all the information in English, about English.
  • The main idea of studies is to be able to bring them into play. Use your skills you already have, develop your expertise, achieve your proficiency level in your sphere of learning!
  • More you use your knowledge, the more it grows and progresses.

Thanks to my French language teaching I met English speakers who wanted to learn French. Some time after the course was finished we became friends, and could continue afterward to exchange our language background and know-how.

Nowadays I believe that I’m smart enough to use English daily, just as the daily vitamins! I would like to ask you to use the English language skills too: read books, magazines, journals, watch movies, TV series (As Game of Thrones with its wild mix of accents).

Finally, speak! Open your mouth and produce any English-like sounds! You’ll not even notice when it will be impossible to make you go silent. It sounds fun and strange, but you will find your pleasure in the English language as soon as you take advantage of it. Please, note I speak about not obligatory financial profit but mostly intellectual and emotional ones.

I don’t want to make you sad; I’d like you to think about a possible perspective. Once again my personal example: earlier some medical doctors established a wrong diagnosis for me. I can’t say that I was afraid because I was frightened to die so soon in my teen years. Thank God it was the super scaring medical malpractice! Nevertheless, I had some time to go over my life, my goals, etc.

Today I just want to help people, to be kind to them, to make a lot of friends, to do anything but good to the others. One of the uses of being polyglot is that I understand when they ask me for help, though I’m not a Superman, and can’t always do something by myself, yet I’m able to connect the people as a contact center operator does.

Let me inspire you: everyone can learn everything he/she wants! The main issue is to know where to practice your new skills and why to start the studying journey. You can do it, I’m sure!

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