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Summing up the lessons

  • May 27, 2016
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We’ve completed a course, and we can have a small pause for the weekend before the next classes.

Have you achieved your learning goals?

I hope that you will use your English every day of your life. You will meet lots of new friends from all around the world. I am so happy for you that I have no words to express my feelings!Take a break today

Open your eyes, open your ears: you can watch films, read books, and listen to the radio in English. I want you to speak English every time you have the chance!

Unfortunately, it is time for you to learn the biggest deception ever. There are a lot of scientists, linguists, and other people who study the language. They all agree that any tense is a tense only if the verb changes. You can look through the lessons you have studied and make your own conclusion. There are only two tenses in the English language because, in English, the verb itself changes only in the present and past tenses.

It is just easier both to learn and teach a language when you can refer to some rules. That’s why some additional rules have been created to help you to learn English.

Enjoy your newfound language skills! Everyone on the Earth learns the English language like we did. So we are not alone. You can find comfort here. Or you can create a new language theory, and we all will learn new grammar rules that you would have imagined.

P.S. Don’t forget to revise the grammar and double check your homework using the answers!

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